Together Forever

Friendship is a priceless gift,

It can’t be bought or sold.

Not even for a mountain,

A mountain of gold.

A friend is like a bird

So pretty and so wise,

They are like a little ghost;

Its spirit never dies.

True friends are hard to find

They are rare and really kind

They will never leave you behind

And they give you a peace of mind!

We don’t belong to the same mother

But when we get to know each other

We don’t bother about anything further

And We care for each other

Friends are there by your side,

From your difficulties, they shall not hide,

They will have a bond with us

With us, they are tied

Whether living close together

Or living far apart

Friends are always with us

In our mind and in our heart.

Friends are important

We mustn’t forget

We always have each other,

They will never leave us in debt.

Ayana Azam